Valet Parking at Birmingham International Airport
We offer the easiest, most convenient alternative to any other service available. At only $9.00 a day,we are $3.00 a day less than the Birmingham Airport Parking deck.
We are easy to find. Look for the first lot you see on the right as you head towards the airport after exiting Interstate 59/20 (Exit 129). Just turn in and one
of our friendly attendants will run you straight to the gate. We will provide you with a ticket that has a phoner number to call when you return for quick & easy
pick-up. We are open 24 hours.



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We are more than just a parking lot!
Alabama Airport Parking offers additional services that can be performed on you vehicle while you are out. Just click on the linkbelow and see how you
can come back home to a nice clean car. We also offer discounts to AAA Members along with other frequent traveler programs.