Birmingham Airport (BHM) Parking $10.00 a Day

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What You Need To Know

Airport Parking location

We are the only dedicated off airport parking facility outside of the Birmingham Airport. We are less than a mile from the airport and our rates are typically anywhere from 70% to 40% less than the cost of parking in the Birmingham Airport Parking deck. We are fast and very convenient. Save time and money when you park at Alabama Airport Parking.

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Alabama Airport Parking Details

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Save Time and Money

Be aware of sites that advertise airport parking at lower than normal rates. These are usually Hotels that are not close to the Birmingham Airport and do not provide the same level of service that Alabama Airport Parking does. You will have to walk and your wait times for the airport shuttle could cause you to miss your flight. Alabama Airport Parking will always be less expensive than parking at the Birmingham Airport. Don't make the mistake of parking in the Birmingham Airport Parking deck and drive around in circles looking for a spot to park, when you could park with us for less and get dropped off right where you check your bags.

Alabama Airport Parking Staff

Frequent Traveler Program

There's a reason that most of our customers are business travelers. Frequent travelers at the Birmingham Airport use us because they know that we are the most convenient way to park at the airport. We have a loyalty program that benefits customers who frequently fly out of the Birmingham Airport. Go here to see the full details. It's free to sign up as a member your credits can be used anytime you park with us.

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Important Birmingham Airport Updates

The Birmingham Airport and COVID-19

Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport is committed to protecting passengers and airport workers and limiting the spread of COVID-19. The health and safety of it's passengers, visitors, and staff continues to be it's top priority. They are doing their part to keep the airport clean to provide a safe environment for travel.

The Valet Service & The Economy Lot Are Closed

The valet service and the Economy Lot at the airport are currently closed at the Birmingham Airport. These lots will probably not open back up until the airport returns to pre-Covid levels which doesn't appear to be anytime soon. The good news is that we have never closed and our rates are much less than the airport services anyway.

Ride Share Options

Using Uber or Lyft to get to the airport are one of the ways to get to the Birmingham Airport without catching a ride with a friend, but there are things you should consider. The cost for an Uber to get to the airport is probably more than a couple of days of parking depending on where you are traveling from an don't forget you've got to pay to get back home as well. If your flight is delayed or ever cancelled you will have to pay to get back home. When you park at Alabama Airport Parking, if your flight is cancelled we will pick you back up and there is no charge for parking. We will always work with you to make your travel experience as hassle free as possible.